Our Company

An Industry Leader
Creative Handling Devices is the industry leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of custom industrial process automation and material handling equipment. Founded in 1996, CHD has revolutionized industrial productivity and profitability through superior design ever since.

Reliability and Performance
The key to the CHD approach is uniquely simple. We emphasize simplicity, low cost, and high performance in all of our products. Our engineers are outstanding in their technical expertise, but we only do “high-tech” when we have to. CHD machinery uses off-the-shelf parts and simple design to make regular maintenance an easy and inexpensive experience. This means your factory keeps producing and you keep making a valuable profit.

CHD’s custom designed machines are also smart. They are fully programmable to accept and execute diverse projects with a rare mix of speed and precision. Our common-sense approach to design ensures that our machines are simple to operate, reliable, and built to last.

American-Made, Available Worldwide

Creative Handling Devices is American-owned and our devices are produced with the highest of American manufacturing quality. We are proud to offer worldwide shipping on all of our first-rate products. No matter where you are, you can count on solutions from Creative Handling Devices.