Super Chop & Super Chop XL


Simple Design, Low Cost, High Performance
Just like our other equipment

High Production...
…fully adjustable cycle time

Off-The-Shelf Parts
So you can keep it running years from now


  • Super Chop: 24" Blade, 10HP & 15HP

  • 230V/460V/3PH motors

  • Super Chop XL: 26" Blade, 15HP, 20HP, 25HP 230V/460V/3PH motors

  • Capacity(24"): 1x21,3x20, 4x18.5, 5x16.5, 6x17.5, 7x11, 7.5sq.

  • Capacity(26"): 1x24, 3x22, 5x19.5,7x15,8x12,8-1/2sq.

  • Front blade guard with side hand shields

  • Magnetic Starter with 110V controls

  • Available right-to-left and left-to-right directions

  • Fully Adjustable cut and return speeds

  • Foot pedal operation/ Double palm valve available

  • Built w/off-the-shelf components for your convenience

  • No cast iron or alum. Parts

  • Working Height: 41"

  • Compressed air requirement: 4SCFM @90psi (20cycles/sec.)

  • Special high carbon arbor takes 1" bore blades

  • Infeed & Outfeed Tables & Stops available